Adding insult to injury – that’s what I picked up off the coffee table. Oh, to others, it might seem innocent enough, a catalog. I however view it as an evil plot – sent to throw me over the edge of my sanity (well, for those of you that know me, it is more like a little shove). I am sitting here, waiting for the guys to get done installing the closet organizer and I picked up a catalog that probably came in the mail last week or so. I opened it up, innocently enough, it is a women’s clothes catalog. WHO invented the size ZERO? Zero is nothing, zip, nada. So how can Zero be a size? And what humans fit into this size? I personally probably couldn’t fit my thigh if I tore it from my body into a size zero, and there are seriously living breathing humans that go shopping for this size? Whose cruel joke was this to put this catalog into my mail – with sizes that don’t fit mortals or even parts of the mortals that I know. To add insult to injury – give this catalog to a woman who is trying to diet! Go ahead – give me motivation – show me clothes that I will never fit into until after my corpse has rotted in the ground for maybe 50 years. I mean the entire catalog doesn’t contain a size that is larger than my youngest son — how cruel is that?

Who creates women’s sizes anyway? Zero – seriously – you’re killing me.