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Well on the bedroom update scene, the furniture is in and we are putting the finishing touches on it. We are still waiting on the new mattress which prevents us from completely putting things together as the frame is meant for a Cal King and we have standard King mattress in there now. Next is the closet organizer so I can find my clothes again. Going from tote to tote looking for stuff is getting old.

The den is looking more welcoming, which is nice. The furniture is in there and it is downright homey looking again.

Now I am off to bed since I have to get up in the morning, sift through for clothes for the trip to Boston and head out the door. Next few posts will be from the road if mobile wordpress cooperates.  Either that or I will use twitter – so it will be short bursts.  Wish me luck – camping out at the Museum tomorrow night!


dscn3137Vermont was named the greenest state. According to an article in the Burlington Free Press Vermont and its citizens were considered the greenest in the country since they are more apt to “walk the walk” and follow through on their talk of being green. The poll maintained that Vermonters are more likely to stay away from companies that are not environmentally responsible and more likely to frequent businesses and companies that act green. Way to go, Vermont!

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Today will be a busy day. Movers, errands and packing. Tomorrow Tim and I are off to Boston for his 6th grade class trip. We are spending the night at the Museum of Science with a flurry of other activities, culminating with a show from the Blue Man Group Friday evening before we head back home. Went last year with Tyler and it was fun, but exhausting. At least this year, there are a group of friends/moms that are traveling together. Last year, although I had a friend or two, most of the parents I didn’t know. What a difference a year makes.


The new carpet was installed yesterday. While it looks gray in this picture, it is actually tan. We moved our mattress back into the room to sleep on last night, but the movers are coming today to help get all the bedroom furniture upstairs.


Our bedroom furniture has two sets of lights built in. The switch had stopped working years ago but because it is a gigantic piece of furniture and was unable to move, we didn’t get around to fixing it until it was apart. Luckily, the switch didn’t need a new switch rather it was just a loose wire. Tom re-soldered and all appears fine, I am told.


Evilwife on the move

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