I have been derelict in my blogging these last few days. A bit of craziness here at the T’s (wait – it is usually crazy – okay extreme craziness).  One of the goats (Sky) who looks like Eeyore stopped eating. She is the queen, head honcho of the goats and she readily gobbles everything up even pushing and ramming the others out of her way. She stopped eating Friday and her side was blown up and rock hard. She apparently is suffering from bloat. We finally got in touch with a livestock vet (that’s a whole other post) in Granville. She was super nice and gave us some do’ s and don’t s over the phone. Nothing worked and poor Sky was starting to resemble a balloon. Saturday morning we took her over to the vet’s office and after an hour and a half visit and tubing of the goat, she was better, though not completely resolved. Happy to say that under Tom’s good care, she is deflated and back to her normal size and evidently her normal appetite as well.

Crammed in with all this goat care we had three soccer games two Saturday night and the boys’ teams (you really didn’t think that they would all be on the same team, did you? – My life doesn’t run that way) played each other 9 a.m. Sunday morning. While we were entering the field house at 8:45 complaining about how horrible it was to have to be up and out that early on a Sunday, a stark revelation hit us all — the only thing worse than the 9 a.m. soccer game is evidently the 8 a.m. soccer game that was already in play when we arrived. In addition, we had Tom’s parents up to visit for the boys’ birthdays and the poor folks had to sit through a game of total strange children playing since the boys’ games were one hour apart and what’s there to do for under an hour?

Yesterday I made one of my whirlwind trips to NJ – still pretty content in the fact that I don’t belong there anymore and decided to come home the same day. Arrived back here about 10 p.m. and quite happy to fall into my own bed.

This morning Tom is off for Michigan for the rest of the week, which means that TJ’s birthday on Thursday will be delayed (I’m sorry TJ we interrupt this birthday to postpone it until Daddy arrives home on Friday). And last night it was snowing again….

In the words of Pendragon….

….and so we go.