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Arghhhh…. if I survive my children in their teenage years, call me superhuman. Our oldest definitely has an on again, off again case of teenageritis and tonight it took every bit of restraint to not boot him into his 20s. Seriously, he is on this it’s not cool to be in scouts kick because his friends aren’t and he chose tonight to demonstrate that “you can make me go, but I’m not going to like it or behave.” He was rude and not cooperative and while his behavior might not have appeared as bad to the other adults there, Tom and I were seething that he was behaving as poorly as he was.  Definitely not acceptable behavior in our house. Afterward on the way home, he got a really good talking to — or more appropriate,  yelling at and hopefully he got it (his brothers hopefully got it too since they were captives to the whole scene in the truck). I hope he got it because seriously I don’t know if I will survive him being a teenager.


This is one of those days that I remember exactly how grateful I was for Catholic school. Today I need to figure out (or we think we did) how to get everyone to church for ashes since its Ash Wednesday. Complicating this is the fact that we live in Vermont, which isn’t particularly Catholic and the churches don’t quite have the volume of services that we grew accustomed to in New Jersey because of it. Even better were my sons’ looks when I threw out the possibilities for a decision. Why can’t we just go after school or at night (well those choices just don’t exist here) When the boys were in Catholic school, I knew that they went to church during the day and the only one who had to go was me. While life here is simpler in many ways, in other ways it can be more complicated. If this is as complicated as my day is today, I am grateful.

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