Sounds horrific. Really it does. I have it and it pretty much sucks, although the doctor advises me that it is not uncommon and not dangerous or life threatening or anything terrible like that. Basically, for those of us who like the real world version, my cornea sticks to the inside of my eyelid when I sleep. I can’t open my eyes when I wake up right away. They are stuck, like someone planted cement in my eyes while I slept. Trust me, if I do force them open, which I have done before when I was startled awake because I thought I heard a child in our room, my eye hurt like mad all day long. The doctor explained that the reason for that is essentially that I am ripping off corneal cells from the surface of my eye every time this happens. Lovely. Keep talking, doctor, it is just getting better and better and I am about to throw up listening to you.

Simple solution he tells me. All I have to do is put some ointment into my eye before I go to sleep. I have been doing it for a couple weeks now and beside the fact that I am basically blind after I do it, since it is an ointment and not drops, it is working. It still sticks but they are easier to get un-stuck. No horrific cornea ripping events to date. Lucky me! Still sucks. But it is working and we don’t have to resort to “other treatments” as he said. What “other treatments”? Do you oil up my eyes with some more heavy duty lubricant before bed? Do I pull them completely out of my head before bed and re-insert in the morning, this way they don’t get stuck?  I just don’t sleep any more or maybe we resort to the old “toothpicks holding open your eyelids” trick everynight.  No worries, the blinding ointment seems to be working for now. Calm yourself or you’ll break out itching girl!  And somewhere in the back of my mind is the possible correlation between this new found eye issue and the possible sarcoid diagnosis scare of a few months ago.  No wonder why I don’t sleep well — I fear that I am going blind and if that’s not the case (as the doctor assures me), the worse that can happen is only that  I can just rip my own eyes out one of these mornings if I am startled awake.  Just dandy…..