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I can hear the sucking sounds from here. Tom has been sucked into the vortex that is Facebook. I, on the other hand, prefer to remain faceless in no space. I mean, quite honestly, how many of these things can one person do? Blog, tweet, link, space, face, chat, text, IM. If you try to do it all, what time do you actually have for a life? I have chosen to blog, link and I chat via IM. I am too old to text (omg, did I just say that????) and I am not a bird, so I choose not to tweet or be a twit. Whichever you prefer. My face shall remain faceless and my space shall be my own.

I can see that while all of these things do have merit, one cannot do it all and have anything worthwhile to say.  You can find me here and you are always welcome to stop by my little corner of cyberspace.


Window closed for lunch 12:30-2:30

That is the sign in the post office window. The window is closed for 2 hours each and every day that the post office is open so that the postmaster can go to lunch. Only one person works in the physical post office in our town and when she or he goes to lunch, the place is shut down. As it happens, this “lunch hour” (which is actually 2 hours) coincides with lunch hour for the rest of the working world. 

Today I scrambled down the hill in a bit of hurry to mail something express mail that had to be delivered by tomorrow. I knew that I had to get there before she left for lunch or it would be too late. As I was driving it occurred to me that such a thing would never happen in a larger community. In our town in NJ, the post office itself was manned by a staff of at least five (probably way more than that) and when one person took lunch there was still always a window or two open to satisfy your postal desires. No one would have stood for the post office to be closed during lunch (when most of us were scurrying around, not eating lunch but rather trying to squeeze about 3 hours worth of errands into an hour, if you were lucky). There would have been uprisings, and protests and letters to the editor and all that jazz. Nope, none of that here. The world moves at a slower and more deliberate pace.  The post office is closed for lunch each weekday for two hours and you had better deal with it — and people do, they schedule their drops offs and pick-ups around the post office’s lunch schedule and that is just the way it is done. And you know what, the earth still revolves….. amazing.

Today’s tea bag wisdom is pretty good:

Your greatness is not what you have, but what you give.

Evilwife on the move

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