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The weather forecast for the next few days is pretty dismal. Rain, rain and more rain — oh and then just to make sure that none of the 3-4 feet of snow we have survives, throw in some really good gusts of wind. The weekend activities may revolve around the kids mud wrestling in the backyard as opposed to anything dealing with snow. I hate the thaw, I hate rain in the winter, everything just turns gray and dismal.


Five things I am grateful for today:

1. Lunch dates with my husband – something we never got to do in NJ.

2. Exploring areas we have never been

3. Cocktail hour 

4. Fuzzy goats

5. Quiet boys

One of the things that I like about it here where we are in Vermont is that there are so many areas that I have no idea even exist in most cases. Every side road can provide a pleasant surprise, in the form of a little cafe, business or shop or some of the most breathtaking views and natural beauty one has ever seen and you would never know existed. Occasionally, when we go out together for lunch, we sometimes pick a road and wander down it, neither of us knowing exactly where it goes or what we might find. We have run into plenty of dead ends that turn more exactly into a path than a roadway, but we have also been pleasantly surprised by finding a new route across a mountain or a nice place for a hike. Today, we went out for lunch and took a couple side roads to see what there was to be had. I guess that part of the thrill of it is having driven most of the same roads for most of the years that I have been driving and living in NJ, in an area as densely populated as Bergen County is, there aren’t many surprises. There may be some neighborhoods that you don’t feel particularly welcome or comfortable in, but no real surprises. I guess our wandering here reminds me a little of when I was growing up and I was able to wander away on my own. I found this little patch of “woods” a couple blocks over from my block and it was like stepping into a forest and a different world (especially for a 9 or 10 year old). I loved going there and exploring, it was fun and it was, well, so “different” from our neighborhood.  Years later I know it was only a vacant lot that was overgrown, but to me it was a magical place. I guess that when we go exploring, I kind of get that same magical feeling, that we might uncover something really neat or cool, or fun…..and sometimes we do.

Evilwife on the move

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