Neighbor: (noun) One living near or adjacent to another.

In New Jersey, we had neighbors by definition alone. Everyone lived in their little houses all within feet of each other. You could not help but know what your neighbor was doing because you were there, literally right next to them. I can honestly say that the only “neighbors” we actually had in the 15 years we lived in that neighborhood were the man who lived next door, some friends of ours that rented next door to us in our home and my in-laws when they moved next door. Otherwise, there were no neighborhood parties, no cups of coffee, no borrowing a cup of sugar, really nothing.

Here where we live in Vermont, our neighbors don’t necessarily fit the definition in the dictionary but are what I’d like to call Vermont neighbors. Who is a Vermont neighbor?

  • the person who waves at you when you pass (or they pass you)
  • the person who always has time to chat and doesn’t think it strange or forward to just “stop by”
  • the person who will watch your kids when you just need to run an errand or two because she knows that you’ll do the same for her
  • the person who will make you chicken soup or just check in on you when the whole family is sick with some ungodly bug or other.
  • the person who will loan you or borrow from you….a whatever, because why should someone buy it when someone else has it.
  • the person who’ll invite you over for lunch or coffee or tea or drinks…just because
  • the person who will babysit your animals for you when you go away — again because you’d do the same.
  • the person who will help you cut, mow, move, build, take down, construct, re-construct, demolish or whatever needs to be done ’cause that’s what neighbors do.
  • the people who live next door, down the road and around the ‘block’. Neighbors don’t have physical boundaries. 
  • our “Vermont neighbors” we’re lucky to have them all. Thanks!