Well we almost made it. We were less than 24 hours from Tom getting home. I thought we were safe. BUT NO…..she couldn’t do it. She was unable to resist the urge to screw with me. And thus the White Dog broke what I thought was going to be a streak. We made it almost to Tom’s return after being away for the week without a White Dog vs. Tammy incident. But tonight……tonight….well, she outdid herself. 

I made homemade chicken soup for dinner since Tim has a heck of a cold. Quick dinner, simple since we had to be out the door for Scouts. When we returned 2 1/2 hours later, I find my ENTIRE kitchen counter and everything on it smothered in ….. chicken grease. Congealed, goopy, disgusting chicken grease. The measuring cup (only the biggest one I own, no less) was halfway filled with the grease I skimmed off the stock. I left it on the back of the counter since it was still warm and could not obviously go down the sink or into the trash since it was still liquid. Well, the White Dog saw fit to knock over the measuring cup and spill that luscious chicken grease all over my counter, my new kitchen scale, my utensil crocks, everything! I seriously could kill her which is why I am therapeutically writing this post—keeping my hands away from her neck. At 9:30 at night the last thing I really wanted — or needed– to do was to re-clean (mind you I really cleaned the whole kitchen last night) the better part of the kitchen counter, everything on it and the cabinets. I seriously, seriously, God forgive me, despite that animal. I know that my husband loves her but I will be doing the happy, happy dance the day she meets her maker. I have just had it. This on top of the fact that she destroyed the outside edge of the garbage bag trying to get into the garbage while we were gone. Luckily, I put a heavy container on the garbage can — didn’t stop her from gnawing it to shreds though.  I really, really, really am not a happy camper at this moment in time. Cleaning grease from everything was not my idea of a fun evening. White Dog – I liked your predecessor so much better and SHE ate my bed! That’s exactly how much I don’t like you.  ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!