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Today is Vermont Writes Day. A day set aside to teach students (and everyone) the importance of writing. Everyone and anyone is asked to write for seven minutes today. The sponsor of the project is the “The aim is to get students, teachers, principals, school staff, guests and anyone else who cares to participate to write for just seven minutes.” A special website has been set up to showcase all the writing that took place. The site is being constantly updated as writers upload their writing. Check it out!


This evening just walking in the door from high school open house for my oldest son, I got a phone call from my mom. It turns out that my dad’s cousin, Danny, passed away. He had developed prostrate cancer which spread to his bladder. Long and short of it was that over the past few weeks he had been very ill and he died Monday evening. This is truly very sad. Danny was a doll. He also was the last of what I would call my dad’s family. My uncle passed away about this time last year and that tore at my heart since as long as he was still alive, there was a part of my dad alive too. While they were not twins, they bore many resemblances and it cheered me to know that some part of my dad was still around. Now, Danny. Danny was there when my dad passed away suddenly and the last time that I saw him was at my uncle’s funeral. My heart is truly saddened, since I feel that the last part of my dad is now gone. His era, his relatives — all gone. I cried tonight for Danny, and for me, since that thread that held the line between the ethereal worlds of living and dead snapped and they are floating ever so much further apart.

I’ll miss you Danny, because you were funny as hell and could always make me smile and because you reminded me of my dad. Rest in peace.

The message on my tea bag today was:

The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment.

Pretty good message and came at a perfect time of the day. I had just come in from skiing for a bit.

Along with the rest of the East Coast, we are now forecast to get a winter storm. A “significant” winter storm. Presently, they are forecasting 8-14 inches of snow, although it is hard to get excited over this, since the last few forecasts for significant snow have been busts where we didn’t even get the low side of what they forecast as an overall storm total. Of course, since Tom will be away, this could be a significant storm since last year the biggest storm we had was while he was away and I had to go out and rescue some people that got stuck. Seems to be the way that happens. 

In any event, we’ll see what develops and I’ll keep you posted. The boys are anxious for a whopper and now they don’t wish for snow, they wish for ice since school rarely closes for a snowstorm. Ice, Ice baby……..

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