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Once again I have to compare NJ and Vermont. I’m sorry but it is said that one should write about what one knows and this comparison stuff comes pretty easy having spent winters (many of them) in both places.

All day today we seriously have had more snow and blowing of snow than we did through the whole “storm” yesterday. My previous post gave you an idea of what it looked like and that picture was taken when I was leaving to pick up the boys from school at the bus stop. So I put on my sorels, my fleece jacket, my hat (which is damn cute I might add) and my mittens (which match my hat) and brave the wind and blowing snow to get to my truck. Now, mind you, I completely cleared off my truck only about 5 hours earlier when I moved it while the driveway was being plowed. I start my truck and then get out to brush the windblown snow off my windshield since it not only has been windblown but the sheer coldness has caused it to freeze to my windshield once again. Window clean I drive the 1 1/2 miles (about) to the bus stop. When I get there, there are all the other parents, also in their hats, gloves and boots, clearing the rest of the snow from their windshields, chatting with each other, acting like it is 60 and sunny rather than near the clutches of frozen death. These people are hearty. They don’t let a 30 mph wind and blowing snow that rivals the tundra in Canada keep them down. Now, mind you, if I was in NJ with that same type of weather — well, first off, I wouldn’t be picking the boys up from school because school would have been so canceled. But assuming arguendo (ok, there’s some lawyer in me slipping out – that basically is Latin for “for purposes of argument”) that there was actually school, there would be no chatting. In fact, most of these women (and they would be women mostly) would, if they even ventured out of their little Lexuses or Mercedes at all, be bundled up in their fur coats and boots and designer scarves and gloves that they would be unrecognizable. However, most likely, would be that they would NOT venture out at all and rather pull up as close as they could, even if it meant waiting in a line of traffic of other non-venturing mothers to allow their equally frozen children into the vehicles.

What a difference.  Most of what people do and act like in the winter up here in Vermont, especially in our little part of it, I cannot imagine ever even entering the mind of the people who live in Jersey. They probably think we’re insane—but it’s cool (figuratively and literally) and I don’t think I would have it any other way.



Windblown snow

Windblown snow

This is what it looked like outside our house this afternoon — all afternoon, even tonight if you could see in the darkness. The wind is howling and the snow is blowing. Add to that the snow “showers” we got all day and it was like living in the frozen Artic up on the hill today. The gray in the picture which appears to be overcast is actually the blowing snow. We have been having wind gusts into the high 20’s and the temperatures are dropping. We had plans for going out to dinner tonight but I think sitting here by the fire is a much more wise alternative this evening. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be just as cold and windy with a wind chill well below zero. Doesn’t sound like a good day to try out those skis either. I think Mother Nature is conspiring against me.

It is windy this morning. The snow is blowing around and at sometimes, you cannot see. I have not ventured outside just yet although our plans were for Tom to go out and snowmobile me a couple cross country ski trails so I could try out my new skis. Neither of us were thinking that was such a good idea this morning, since I am freezing just sitting here watching the wind blown snow from the window.

In true Vermont fashion, despite the snow overnight, there was no ice, so there was school this morning. I must admit that I was wishing for a delayed opening since it was way too comfy and warm in bed this morning. No rush to get outside since I am fairly certain that the goats won’t be rushing to stand outside in this weather.

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