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Tonight when we went outside to put away the goats and gather the eggs from the chickens it is nasty out there. Sleet, freezing rain — I really can’t tell the difference, I just know that we were pelted by ice in one form or another. In the few minutes that we were outside, the intensity of the precipitation increased and it is supposed to be really windy later tonight…. can you say lack of power?

The goats were covered in icy patches and I am sure that tomorrow their coats will look frizzy just like my hair on a bad day….see, they really are MY goats!

The house has been its usual chaotic stream of boys in and out and out and in all day long and most of them not my own. Overall, it has been a pleasant snow day, without much snow.


Here are some pictures of Creme and Phoenix out in the storm this morning. We have about 2-3 inches of snow and it’s sleeting. We are forecast to get 2 inches of sleet and ice before it changes back to snow. SNOW DAY!!!!



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