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17 years ago, this was a big day for me. It was my wedding day. Married to my high school sweetheart (literally here folks).  Hard to believe that 17 years have gone by already. In some respects it seems like only a short time ago and in other respects (good ways) it does seem like its been forever. Evidently years 16-19 of a marriage are not all that celebrated (so today’s humdrum tone around the house is fitting) since there is nothing listed on the table of traditional wedding gifts for years 16-19. I guess that the people that make up these lists figure that if you made it to 15 you celebrate and then you coast until 20 years or 25 years. No great activities planned here– unfortunately Mondays are pretty much out for going out so we are staying in. I get to cook. We get to hang. Maybe we’ll do something another night this week, but it somehow misses the mark, since this is THE DAY. But there are kids and commitments and 17 years under our belt. Still got a good guy and he’s got me.

Today, I got to rid my house of all evidence that Christmas occurred. Always on the top of my favorites list (NOT). But at least it’s done. Everything looks so darn naked after you un-decorate, which is really rather depressing. Kind of fits. Makes sense with the New Year and all.


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