Wow. It is hard to believe that 2 weeks have flown by. Tomorrow everyone is back to school and work and normal schedules. It will be hard since it was such a long break. Lots to catch up on….

New Year’s Eve we had the party that wasn’t really a party. The boys evidently were planning on our traditional New Year’s Eve party which neither Tom nor I were counting on doing until literally about 6:30 on New Year’s Eve when it became apparent that we were having company and a party despite what we thought. Thank goodness for my sister, the “party in a heartbeat” diva, who put together a spread complete with decorations in less than an hour and 1/2. We had about 20 people including us so it was a nice night with family and some friends. 

In true Vermont fashion, just when we thought the party was over and we were going to bed, the doorbell rang with a New Year reveler who wanted to stop by for some New Year well wishes.

The weather was COLD. The boys were snowboarding at Okemo and had a blast. 

Today started our Pico ski/snowboard lessons. It has been a LONG day, but happy to say that in the hours between when we left our house this morning and when we returned this afternoon we had three really happy kids who between them accomplished intermediate and black diamond skiing and snowboarding respectively and overall had a really nice day.

Tomorrow will be a long day. First day back to school for all of us.