Tom reminded me that I have been slacking in the posting and when I went back I realized that I have left everyone hanging on Day 3 of the patch testing. I went and came back with a positive for fragrance, nickel and cobalt so in addition to the chromium and the adhesive that makes 5. 

Most interesting and a nice christmas present of sorts was the fact that we figured out that I must also be allergic to elastic/rubber/latex of sorts. The elastic band of stockings I had been wearing left welts that are still here five days later. Lovely. Add that to the list. Research into the adhesive allergy issue definitely relates it to a latex/rubber allergy and that is used in most elastics so…bingo! Yet another thing to itch over. This however, does make some sense in the my leg/arm rash thing since socks with elastic hit the part of my leg that broke out the rash and elastic from sweatshirts/etc would have been right on the part of my arm where I was getting that rash. Why though not the other leg or the other arm if I am that allergic? Good question, we haven’t figured that out yet, but we are working on it. Everyday brings a new discovery. I think that somehow I am heading off to be the Girl in the Plastic Bubble, but we will see.

No celebratory or otherwise drinks this Christmas season. I have been relegated to the designated driver again…..a nice chunk of my life has been spent that way when I was pregnant. Anyhow, good news to know that we are figuring some things out, difficult with dry weather and a dry house to figure it all out since the boys and Tom are dry-skin itchy occasionally as well.