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Tom reminded me that I have been slacking in the posting and when I went back I realized that I have left everyone hanging on Day 3 of the patch testing. I went and came back with a positive for fragrance, nickel and cobalt so in addition to the chromium and the adhesive that makes 5. 

Most interesting and a nice christmas present of sorts was the fact that we figured out that I must also be allergic to elastic/rubber/latex of sorts. The elastic band of stockings I had been wearing left welts that are still here five days later. Lovely. Add that to the list. Research into the adhesive allergy issue definitely relates it to a latex/rubber allergy and that is used in most elastics so…bingo! Yet another thing to itch over. This however, does make some sense in the my leg/arm rash thing since socks with elastic hit the part of my leg that broke out the rash and elastic from sweatshirts/etc would have been right on the part of my arm where I was getting that rash. Why though not the other leg or the other arm if I am that allergic? Good question, we haven’t figured that out yet, but we are working on it. Everyday brings a new discovery. I think that somehow I am heading off to be the Girl in the Plastic Bubble, but we will see.

No celebratory or otherwise drinks this Christmas season. I have been relegated to the designated driver again…..a nice chunk of my life has been spent that way when I was pregnant. Anyhow, good news to know that we are figuring some things out, difficult with dry weather and a dry house to figure it all out since the boys and Tom are dry-skin itchy occasionally as well.


We are fortunate to have good friends and neighbors. The days leading up to and Christmas were made especially nice by the constant interaction between us all here on the hill. Baked goods were exchanged back and forth with some yummy results, doorbells rang with wishes of good cheer and Merry Christmas. It is very nice to experience Christmas with a group of people who you care about and knowing that the feeling is reciprocal. While the flow of children is ever – present in our house, something about Christmas makes it all the more special. We are very lucky to have such good friends and neighbors which makes living here in Vermont all that much more special. 

I think that one of the reasons that Christmas time holds a special place in my heart is that it was my dad’s favorite holiday. He was like the biggest of all the kids and Christmas was definitely when he had the most fun. Some of my fondest memories are Christmases growing up. I always think of him this time of the year. He would love it here and be very proud of us and our wonderful friends and neighbors. 

Tom made me sad today, he was relaying a conversation he had with his father, reminding him that in 7 years all my boys would be grown and gone off to college. It seems like such a short time and makes me feel so…..OLD and SAD. Bummer.

Here are some pictures of the little men on Christmas morning. Sometimes, the simplest gifts are the best.dscn3561dscn3560dscn3562dscn3563dscn3566

First, we went from 3 feet of snow on Monday morning to about 5 inches and a lot of ice this morning. The hill was pretty darn slippery this morning. My in-laws were going to leave and we drove them down this afternoon to the bottom of the hill, for fear that they might slide off the road. Christmas was good, lots of good friends, family and good food (if I do say so myself!) Tonight’s dinner is prime rib soup made from the leftovers of the rib roast we had for dinner on Christmas. 

Everyone is enjoying their goodies, Tim headed off to his friend’s house armed with his “new” video camera ready to photograph their sword making for his grandparents. Very cute. The chickens are happy that they can actually see ground, even if it is through a layer of ice and are outside pecking around. The goats are always happy to be outside.

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