So for about 24 hours now, I have had 29 of the “most common” allergens attached to my back. Things that sound familiar and some things that I never knew existed and cannot even pronounce. The general idea is that I wear these “patches” which are actually strips of adhesive with the allergens attached to them for 48 hours and then return to the dermatologist and he will remove the patches and analyze my skin to see if I test positive to any of them. Then after the patches are removed, I have to return the next day since some of the allergens can take up to 96 hours to show a positive response. 

What am I thinking? I am thinking that I never realized there is so much crap in everyday products and I’m poisoning myself and my family (as is everyone else on the planet for the most part) and I am also thinking that this sounds way too easy and I will be very surprised if any of them are positive. I have had this rash and this itchiness for so long that I am beginning to think it is just the way the rest of my life is going to be…. so I might as well get used to it. I secretly hope that somehow I will have a magical answer…but since no magic has transpired in the past