We went to the movies tonight. All 9 of us. Okay, for those who know us, you know there is only 5 of us. So where on earth did the other 4 come from? Boys, remember I live with boys, and so help me, I think that boys attract, clone or create other boys. I actually had this really good plan. I needed to finish up Christmas shopping and decided that I would offer my oldest son the opportunity to go with his friends to the movies and I would drive them, drop them off and do the shopping I needed to get done while they were at the movies. That would have given me about 2 hours of shopping time. Well, that plan morphed into a family movie event which was a good idea since I really don’t remember the last time Tom and I went to the movies. And then TJ was going to sleep over a friends and in the vacuum of losing a boy, we gained 3. I really don’t understand the math on that, but we did and then we picked up TJ and his friend for the movies, hence the 9. Dear God, I don’t know how my dear friend Ellen, who has 9 of her own, manages. Don’t get me wrong, everyone was fine and behaved and enjoyed the movie and the junk that went along with it. Just the sheer acknowledgement that this is what she goes through every time they go out as a family (with an age range that exceeded the one we dealt with by years) just blows the mind. As I have always said, she is the woman I admire for her mom skills, she is truly awesome.

Anyway, back to the movie. I had a realization. I have been sucked into a male world. (I know, only took me how many years to figure this out) Seriously, while watching this movie, a good movie, I realized that I would much rather have watched a romance, a chick flick, whatever. There is far too much violence and hatred and just plan old ugliness in this world as it is, I would much rather get sucked into a good chick flick. So, I guess at 45 I have finally found my inner chick. And I really, really want matching hats and scarves (wink, Tom).