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Last weekend, our boys participated in the UVM Merit Badge Day. We decided to make a mini-vacation out of it (and so we wouldn’t have to rise before the crack of dawn) and stay overnight the Friday before Saturday’s events. We made arrangements for dinner at A Single Pebble in Burlington, which was really good and very considerate of our youngest son’s peanut/sesame allergies. I highly recommend it. We booked our reservations online through Open Table which was pretty convenient.

The boys had a good time with engineering and metalworking at the university, and we had a nice relaxing day exploring downtown Burlington. We came home Saturday evening to a delicious dinner prepared by our friends, who were up for the weekend. All in all, really nice weekend.


Ah, here is the dilemma with keeping ties with your old world. This morning we were all set to travel down to NJ for orthodontist and doctor appointments. However, Mother Nature had other plans. There is a Nor’Easter brewing and while we would have made it down to NJ with little to no problem, we wouldn’t have been able to return without a long and treacherous trip. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, except boys being boys and especially being teenage boys, life on Friday is busy, busy, busy. Tim has a dress rehearsal for his play in which he is one of the major characters so his fellow stars would not be happy if he didn’t show up on Friday. TJ, being TJ, well, he has a project that is due on Friday which he has yet to finish up. Tyler has a presentation to make for his English class which he has worked long and hard in putting together. So, you see, we would have to come back tonight. And with weather forecasts of 1/2 to 1 inch of ice for the better part of our trip, (which would be about 3 1/2 hours under normal weather conditions), that is not a risk we were ready to undertake. 

So, when I call the doctors to reschedule the appointments later they will undoubtedly shake their heads since NJ is not supposed to be getting anything but rain, and who’s afraid of a little rain? Tom and I both know so much better. We know not to take the risk.

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