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Okay, so I am the first to admit that following my appointment with the doctor and the news which is pretty scary, I didn’t feel at all like going anywhere or doing anything. We had, however, to go to NJ for an orthodontist appointment and a party at my sister’s in NY for my nephews. Thankfully it was a chaotic, hectic day where there was little time left to ponder on things. The boys slept at my sister’s for which I am very grateful and Tom took me out to dinner (sushi) which was nice and distracting as well. Saturday was errands in NJ and the party and then the trip home. Today was spent in a houseful of kids since we had four extra to work on a school project. So, thanks for the chaos of the weekend, it helped to not think about things.


Enigma: a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation. That in a nutshell describes the pathology report of my biopsy. I was so ready to have closure and what I got was this slap in the face. The doctor sat me down and said that it could be a really rare form of skin cancer or an autoimmune disorder that is incurable. In either event, Thursday sucked. I have to have two more biopsies done since they need more tissue to make a firm diagnosis (however – they might need two more after that) and depending on what the biopsies disclose, a chest x-ray. However, and here is the really sucky part, since the inflammation on my leg is not as bad as it was two weeks ago, (and you would assume that was a good thing) I cannot have the follow-up biopsies of the inflamed tissue until it is, well, inflamed again. So, we sit and we wait.

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