It has been a busy week. I had an issue to get done and it is EARLY! Hooray for me! Now I just have another to get done before the end of next week and I will be stylin’. The boys have had something or other going on almost every night, so this weekend has actually been kind of relaxing, although still jam packed. I jarred 8 bottles of salsa this morning, we insulated the goat house and have walls up over the insulation and went to a soccer game, as well as guitar practice and a trip to the store for errands. Tomorrow we hope to finish up the goat abode, wall the rest of the coop so the chickens can have free range in there for the winter and I need to dig the rest of my potatoes and gather the cabbage to make my sauerkraut. We want to make sure that the animals are good for the winter, since it is coming fast. Tonight it was 34 at 6:30 and the temperature is dropping fast. Last night it was in the low 20s with a frost that could be mistaken for snow this morning. Hats and gloves are already mandatory equipment. We have a fire going in the woodstove and it is nice and toasty in here.

Between the insulation and the normal state of itchiness that is my life lately, I just about lost it tonight. If you saw my face, you would understand why I was on the verge of tears. Red, itchy, damn— I really am approaching the end of my rope. I wonder if I might be the very person to be driven to the edge of her existence by this maddening itchiness and constant redness. I really, really, really (did I say really) hope that when I go to the doctor again this week, he has some news for me. At this point, I really would take any news, to at least know what the heck is doing this.