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Fall is arriving

Fall is arriving


I looked around today and realized that all the trees now have the twinge of color. Not full blown color, although some of them already do, but the sign that autumn has arrived and the leaves are changing. The air is crisp, the mornings and evenings are downright cold (literally a few nights freezing) and you can smell autumn in the air…..I love this time of the year.


A new year has started. For me, at least. I figure that if I live as long as the other women in my family (maternal and paternal grandmothers) then I’m only halfway to dead. And that’s a good thing. Dusting off myself from the birthday blues, there are some positives to the birthday. I got a gorgeous dozen roses and a charm bracelet as well as some software for my camera which will make things easier to download pictures (more on that later). I have decided that I have 364 days to make life, my life, a little better and what better day to start than today?

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