Sesame allergy….. who would have guessed. Not me. I have been doing some research on this since this is one food that I would have never imagined being on the list of allergens. Unfortunately, Tim (my youngest son) tested way positive for a sesame allergy in addition to the other positive results. Doing some research this is pretty scary if you have a girl, since sesame oil (which I was strongly advised by the allergist to keep away from Tim since it is considered a “dirty” oil) is found in a lot of make up and skin care products. Not to mention that sesame seeds are on McDonald’s buns. Lucky Tim is not a bread eater. Evidently, from the research that I have done, sesame allergies are the fourth most common allergy for children in Australia. I have never even heard of this. Luckily this is one of the more controllable allergies for our son, since he is not a bread eater and his taste in chinese food is simple and does not include sesame oil.