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Well, it has been a crazy couple days. Yesterday afternoon, we were driving like lunatics to Tim’s school since we got a call that he was having an allergic reaction to a peanut cookie that he ate. I thought that we were over the food allergy phase of his life, at least, when he passed his egg challenge in November and has seemed to be fine and allergy-free since then. See, the issue is that Tim was allergy skin tested last November and tested allergic to nothing (hence the egg challenge). It is very scary to think that he turned this quickly to develop an allergy to peanuts after showing no allergy to them less than one year ago. It is even scarier to think that the skin test was wrong and maybe he has been allergic to them all along. You see, Tim up until yesterday, has never had peanuts. No peanut butter, no peanut sauce, no peanuts, period. While he has definitely probably ingested products that were made at the same facility as peanuts and certainly may have contained trace amounts of peanuts (since this is something that I never really gave a thought to since he tested negative) he has not actually eaten a true peanut product. My original thinking was, why take the chance? He was allergic to eggs and strawberries and the poor kid got so really physically ill (vomiting, pale, lethargic) when he had them, that since he never asked for peanuts or peanut butter, it didn’t really make any sense to push it on him. And it never really seemed to be a concern particularly in light of the fact that he didn’t seem interested in them. Well, yesterday changed all that. Quite honestly, it scared the hell out of me and I am sure Tom, as well. He presented with the same symptoms as if he had ingested eggs or strawberries, when he was allergic to those, it it seemed pretty clear to us that it was the peanuts. Not so with the ER doctor when I brought him there, while he was fantastic and very informative, he was very reluctant to say it was a peanut allergy and disagreed with me about how the allergy presents itself. He said, shortness of breath and the runs, I said that it was classic for Tim with the way he had experienced food allergies in the past. I really think that I am correct, since quite honestly I know my kid and I have seen him this way before (with a different food).

I was fortunate to be able to get an appointment at his allergist in NJ since we are headed down there for the orthodontist tomorrow and I guess that my suspicions will be answered then. Either way, it is scary. I hate to see him so ill, and I really want to know what it is. If the ER doctor was correct, and it is not an allergic reaction to peanuts then what the heck was it? That is even scarier.


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