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So, I have a question as I catch up on things. Are carrots male, female or both? If carrots have a particular gender how does one figure it out? My friend Kirby pulled this carrot out of our garden this weekend.


Man-ly carrot?

Man-ly carrot?


While we were busy being hysterical about sexy carrots, our guys were busy being manly and playing with rocks to level our very un-level yard so the goat’s house would not look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 


Man-ly men

Man-ly men

All in all, we had a very nice weekend and the goats have a very level house – (as the Beatles would say) with a little help from our friends.



The goat's new home being delivered

Goat House

The goats have a new home that was delivered today. We bought the shed from Garden Time in Rutland, VT. I have to admit that watching these guys with their “magic” trailer maneuver the shed into place exactly where we want it without hardly any effort is amazing.

The shed will house the goats, their hay and food and we are hoping to maybe put a little lean-to off the side for outdoor storage. 



The goats, knowing that their new home was arriving this week, look on excitedly……

Okay, I admit it. I have a hard time with those birthdays that are the “halfway” ones. You know, halfway between decades. I really didn’t like turning 35 because it was halfway to 40 and now in a few weeks, I will be turning 45 (yikes!—halfway to 50!) See, there is something traumatic about it, now when I turn the actual next decade, I am totally cool with that since I had my nervous breakdown five years earlier. 

With a birthday approaching that can send me into a tizzy, seems all the worse when I look at the fact that Sarah Palin (who I admit I am a bit intrigued by) who is also my age, IS RUNNING FOR VICE PRESIDENT OF THE WHOLE FREAKING COUNTRY. Me, the same age, not so much. Certainly, no opportunity to run the country, (frankly I wouldn’t want it anyway), but it kind of makes you look around and wonder if you dropped dead tomorrow what exactly would be your legacy? When I was going to law school, I had big dreams of being a big shot attorney with great clothes, hair and respect, however, none of that ever came my way. (I honestly have to say it took me to about 40 to actually even like my hair — even remotely). Life had other plans for me.  Let’s see how I stack up against her:

Like SP I married my high school sweetheart – Married 17 years and still very crazy about him.

Like SP I have kids (both human and goat) (there you go, SP, I have one up on you!) Seriously though I have three great boys who aren’t so little anymore and challenge even the bravest of motherly hearts but I wouldn’t trade any of the them for even one brief second. And the goats are pretty cool, too.

Like SP I have had positions of authority – although in a very different vein. No public service of sorts for me, instead my leadership took the form of cubmaster, scoutmaster and most recently, president of the women’s bar association in my county in NJ.

Life is funny, what you think will happen sometimes doesn’t and what you’d never expect is likely. I never thought I would have moved from NJ much less to VT. I never thought that I would have such beautiful great children and have such a loving husband. Not to mention that none of my wildest dreams ever envisioned goats and chickens. But I have it all and I have to admit that it’s pretty neat. Now, I cannot envision myself in that power suit with the impeccable hair (that is NEVER going to happen in my lifetime) and the high powered attorney job. I am happy to have found a job doing the part of the law that I enjoy and opening up a window (writing) that I never ever envisioned that I would be doing. That being said, I still will be neurotic about turning 45 (sorry Tom) but Sarah can run the country, I’ll just run my little itsy bitsy corner of it.

I have been beside myself for several days since our middle son, who was so anxious to go to his new middle school, came home after one class both mornings since he had been vomiting. This is classic for him, and we immediately thought it was anxiety or something more to it than “I just don’t feel well”. The school, on the other hand, kept telling us that there was a stomach bug going around and several children had been sent home for the same reason. Persistence and parental instinct paid off with a meeting wherein his science teacher recounted an episode where he was upset over not being properly prepared for class. While I love all the good things that the boys got from their catholic school education, this anxiety that Tyler developed is certainly not one of them. He developed a fear that if everything is not exactly perfect he will get in trouble and proceeds to get himself so upset that he physically becomes ill.

We have worked out a resolution now that we know what the problem is, so hopefully things will get better. He survived a whole day in school yesterday which is a MAJOR accomplishment.

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