So, I saw the dermatologist yesterday and to throw even more fuel into my confused little world, he told me that he doesn’t even think its eczema. Great?!! I thought that we had it narrowed down to something, now it’s not even that. He is of the opinion that I am suffering from an allergic reaction to something since my “eczema” is not symmetrical. Evidently symmetry is a pretty important component of an eczema diagnosis. The way he explained it, if you have eczema on one leg, you should have it on the same place on the other leg. The total lack of symmetry (my left arm and my right shin are broken out) is not typical. He gave me another ointment to try which is stronger and suggested a biopsy in a month to determine if it is in fact allergy based. Then we may try a skin patch test of common allergens on my back for a couple days.

So….long and short, yet another version of what could be wrong, but still no concrete answers.