I think that I am going to have to carry around one of those little tape recorders and look like a dork. Or a notebook and look like a reporter. I seem to have these great ideas of things to write about in my blog when I am nowhere near my computer. Then when I sit down, it is like my mind got erased. Like when we used to walk into CD World with all our lists of CDs we wanted and seemed that we couldn’t think of a one once we got inside the doorway.  Writing lately has been like that. Great idea pops into my head, something intelligent, thought provoking or at least pretty cool and wham-o, it is gone when I go to write it down.

I think I need to eat more of whatever vegetable is good for your memory…since mine seems to be slipping lately. If I remember my great, awe inspiring thought for today’s entry, I will be back.