This week was particularly discouraging. My visit to the doctor disclosed good news about my blood work. I have developed nothing tragedic aside from the Mediterranean Anemia that I know I have but every doctor who ever does bloodwork is startled by. Unfortunately, nothing in the bloodwork gave any clues as to what’s up with my leg, which has resurfaced its itchy head this week. Stress? Could be, some work related issues that I have to deal with. I have a dermatologist appointment next week. My doctor prescribed Elidel. I filled the prescription but basically got the wits scared out of me when the First Line of the patient information had in all caps THIS MEDICATION HAS BEEN KNOWN TO CAUSE SKIN CANCER. She says that I should try it for a couple days because that is what the dermatologist is going to prescribe. I personally am particularly attached to my life and really have no desire to take known chances with it. I am perplexed as to what I should do….. I will however continue to bleach my leg, the bleach compresses appeared to be working before. I am hopeful that they will continue and clear it up again.It was kind of nice for the few days that it was completely gone to feel normal again…..well whatever “normal” is.