Today was a busy day. Tom was away on business leaving me to tend to the kids, the goat kids, the dogs in addition to the usual house stuff and my work. I have just finished up the laundry from our vacation in addition to the regular laundry but I still have not finished up my issue. It is very frustrating, so close and yet…not done. I am still acclimating to TJ’s soccer schedule and we are trying to work out the carpooling situation so at least 3 of us aren’t all running back and forth to school to drop and pick up kids from practice. The boys also had scouts tonight which meant dinner had to be done pronto and we had to be out the door. We weren’t especially good about the getting out the door part and were late getting there. Oh well. In the midst of all this chaos that is life, I always have to remember to take a minute. Take a minute to breathe, to admire the world around you, to enjoy your children and think about how fortunate you are that they are healthy enough to be a pain in the rear sometimes and how fortunate you are to be here to take it all in.  Sometimes life gets so hectic that you forget, forget to just “take a minute”. Yesterday I had to explain to my youngest son that sometimes it is just as important to take care of yourself as it is to take care of someone or something else (such as an animal). It’s an important lesson that all of us have to re-acquaint ourselves with so we can better do all that chaos that is life. I am trying really hard to take a minute and post something every day. Consider it my “me” time.