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Castleton Concerts on the Green

Castleton Concerts on the Green

Tonight we went to Castleton to their summer Concert on the Green concert featuring Gypsy Reel. It was a really nice concert, very Vermont-ish. About 300 or so people all hanging out on lawn chairs or blankets covered with jackets and blankets (yes folks it is cold here even in August tonight as I type this the temperature outside my window is 47 and dropping like a stone) some even adorned hats and gloves, watching the band perform. A simple stage, sound board and speakers are provided by Castleton College and the whole town pitches in to make it a nice evening. Very Norman Rockwell, very Vermont (did I need to tell you again how much I love it here?).


My youngest son, Tim’s guitar teacher is a member of the band and Tim has been itching to see Mark play live for some time now. This was the perfect opportunity. Mark noticed him when we walked by and made a special trip to shake his hand during intermission, not to mention take some time at the end of the gig to go over all the instruments that the band had there to play and answer a bunch of questions from my boys. Tim had a great time, even Tyler who was unsure if he wanted to go, had a good time. I must admit, I enjoyed it myself although it would have been more fun for me if Tom were with us. Someone to snuggle up with on a blanket and listen to some good music….

Speaking of the music, they played a mix of music, mostly Celtic but they incorporated some Kansas, 10,000 Maniacs, polka and swing – even finished off with a Bruce Springsteen/Pete Seger song that had everyone singing. The celtic music pulled up memories of my grandmother and Tom’s grandmother and the time we took them to see the Chieftains for St. Patrick’s Day. I really think that that meant a lot to them and we had a great time that evening as well. Anyway, some of the Irish folk songs that they played just reminded me of my grandmother’s house and her giant enclosed stereo cabinet and all those Irish records that always came out and we played over and over and over again. Good memories. Funny how a song or a smell or something like that can bring back a whole series of events in your life and put you in a very different time and place.

All in all, it was a good night and I’m glad on many levels that we went.


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