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Motherhood or parenthood, certainly has its ups and downs. I had to be “mom the cheerleader” again tonight when I went to visit my boys at scout camp. Our youngest son is having some terrible homesickness going on and following last night’s phone call, tonight’s visit was not high on my list of favorite experiences. It is heartbreaking to see this little boy with tears in his eyes, actually streaming down his face, telling you that the only thing in the world he wants to do is come home and snuggle up with you. Dear god, I just wanted to cry. Instead, muster up “mom the cheerleader” who has to tell him to be brave, to stick it out that he is more than halfway done and that we are very proud of him and he has both his brothers there and lots of friends and friendly faces. Then, in true spirit, he attempted to be brave, at the end of the evening, gave me a hug and kiss and wandered off with tears in his eyes. OH MAN, talk about bumming. Then I had to get in the car and drive an hour plus home alone just thinking about that face. Geez, for all the wonderful ups to parenthood, this is definitely one of the bummers. “Mom the cheerleader” is most positively one of my least favorite mom roles, ’cause it usually entails me trying to talk one of them into doing something that I would rather not have to be a cheerleader about. They are growing up so fast and are not my little boys anymore, so it is heartbreaking to have to push aside those last remnants of little boy/mommy interaction when I know that they will very soon be gone forever from my life. All in the name of growing up… growing up all that great, anyway? Sometimes, I don’t think so myself. Hard to be a cheerleader about that. 

BTW, just read in the online paper that there is some armed and dangerous felon on the loose nearby….great time to be alone in the house, don’t you think? Boy, if I stay up any later, I might not sleep at all tonight.


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