Sometimes, one has to remember to slow down and savor life. In the rush of everyday life with a million and one things that all seem to need to be done yesterday it is admirable advice and not always easy to live by. For example, today we are both working and trying to get things together for a brief trip down to NJ. Veggies to collect from the garden to package up for my mom and inlaws, laundry to be done so we actually have clothes to wear and bags to pack. These excursions to NJ seem like a good idea when we plan them. But the closer it gets, and the reality of 90+ degrees heat and humidity (on a day when I was actually wearing a sweatshirt this morning because it was that cool), with the traffic and actually having to LEAVE here, makes it not seem like such a good idea the night before we leave. My friend came over to pick up her son who was here for a playdate and we got into a nice conversation which actually ended about 1/2 before everyone had to leave. Needless to say, dinner was not what was originally planned, but rather a “what can I throw together in 15 minutes” affair since the boys had a scout meeting at 7. In the middle of the chaos (geez, my life does involve a lot of chaos, doesn’t it?) of getting everyone fed and out the door, I thought about how nice it was to have that chat despite it throwing everything into a tailspin. Sometimes, life is not what is planned, but rather, what is unplanned and time with friends is always time well spent.