So, the frustration continues. My leg and now my arm are both flared up and have been for several weeks. They seem to be getting worse instead of better and I don’t think anyone understands how so very frustrating it is. I want to know what it is that is making my body react this way. We originally though some type of food allergy….had allergy testing done and that was not it. Then we thought it might be sulfites since wine and vinegar set me off particularly fiercely. Did my research and over the past six months have been doing an admirable job of attempting to exclude things with sulfites from my diet….no wine, no high vinegar, molasses, dried fruit, high fructose corn syrup (now, there’s one to give you a real challenge) and instead of getting better, it has actually gotten worse. It has been so red, raw and itchy these last few days that I really just want to cry.  Last night we tried bleach compresses based upon an article that I read, which has offered some relief. Today’s trip to the doctor was particularly neutral. She agreed that it looks awful so much so that wearing shorts or capri pants almost inevitably leads to someone asking me “what’s up with your leg?” attractive, right? She agreed that it seems like more than eczema and sympathized with me that the meds I am taking right now are not working, but no real answers. I have blood work scheduled along with a trip to the dermatologist (which surprisingly is going to happen next month, rather than 3 months from now which is what happened the last time when I still lived in NJ). She strongly suggested a biopsy since “that really doesn’t look good” (no kidding- you should see how it feels).  

So I am now on the hydrocortisone cream, the zyrtec, the antacid and Elidel. The saga continues…..