So, I have been doing some more research and the doctor mentioned the possible diagnosis of neurodermatis when she was referring me to the dermatologist. This is basically the definition courtesy of HealthAtoZ also referred to as lichen simplex chronicus (and it is a pain in the assicus).


Lichen simplex chronicus is a chronic inflammation of the skin (dermatitis) characterized by small, round itchy spots that thicken and become leathery as a result of scratching.


Also termed neurodermatis, lichen simplex chronicus is the result of chronic skin irritation. It occurs in 4-5 out of every thousand people. Initial irritation causes itching, and in turn, itching causes scratching. Scratching leads to further irritation, which damages the skin. The possibility of infection is greatly increased when the outer layer of protective skin is broken. Skin usually repairs itself quickly; however, in the case of lichen simplex chronicus, healing skin causes more itching and more scratching causes a thickening of the skin (lichen). The small skin patches are usually 1-10 in (2.54-25.4 cm) in diameter.

Well, could this be it? Well, seems like its a case of chicken and the egg for your skin. Itching causes scratching which causes more itching which causes more scratching and so forth….Yippy! That doesn’t solve my problem, it only makes me sound neurotic or OCD or both. I personally like to think I am none of those although I am sure that there are those out there that might disagree with me. 

I am off to shower and do my bleach compress which really seemed to help last night.  I just wish that I wasn’t so darn exhausted feeling. I really have to start taking my vitamins more regularly, I think that this is starting to beat the stuffing out of my system, and since I am anemic to begin with, I am sure blood cells working triple duty is not helping.

Hey Tom, a daily reminder to take my vitamins would be helpful, sweetie. 🙂