We had our friends up this weekend with their daughters. Always a blast, we laughed, we relaxed, just had a really nice time. We took a trip with them to VINS which is the Vermont Institute of Natural Science and has some really cool birds that it rescues and rehabilitates and to the Quechee Gorge, it is called the Grand Canyon of the East. While I have not experienced the Grand Canyon of the West, I have seen pictures and this is beautiful but on a much, much smaller scale in a nice quaint New England sort of way. We had a picnic lunch and then proceeded to hike the 1/2 mile to the bottom (really Lou, the sign says .5 mile). We took a small bathroom detour and my friend Kirby, I and some of the kids wound up hiking more 3/4 of the mile just to get to the bathroom and then we had to basically start the 1/2 mile hike all over again. In any event, it was fun, the kids had a blast swimming at the bottom, the gorge is beautiful and it was fun to explore it again. My boys and I took the hike a couple summers ago. It is easy (except for that uphill part) and pretty neat.