Well, the chickens appear to have kicked into overdrive. Tonight, the boys pulled 22 eggs from the coop. Yesterday was 18 eggs. We thought that they might be missing Tom since the day before they only laid 6 which was a paltry amount compared to 14 they were laying on a consistent basis before he left. 

I picked the first official garden crop for dinner tonight….bok choy seedlings that were incorporated into our stir fry.

Tomorrow I am heading to Shelburne Museum. I hear that it is a pretty neat place. We’ll have to take the camera with us. I know I have been slacking on the pictures and haven’t even gotten to trying the photoblogging yet.

Right now I am baking a Quesadilla Salvadorean, for my son’s international buffet at school tomorrow. Silly me, I figured quesadilla is like you get in the mexican restaurants or whip up for a quick lunch, but this evidently is a cake. Made with fresh eggs, I might add. It does smell mighty good in the oven. A pretty simple recipe. If it looks edible I might upload the picture and recipe for those that might be as adventurous as I was in making it. Bummer is, I won’t get to taste it so I will have to rely on the epicurious opinion of a 12 year old. Hmmmmm…..

I am investigating purchasing whole wheat berries and a grinder to grind our own flour and have an emergency stash that will keep a whole lot longer than flour already ground. Opinions welcome on this subject, although all those I have mentioned it to think its a great idea. Keep you posted.

WHITE DOG UPDATE: She did it. I knew that she couldn’t help herself but rip apart the garbage when Tom is away. I thought we had it licked this trip since she has been so good all week, but tonight, come home to find garbage EVERYWHERE……..