Well, Tom and I have made our contribution to the Arts this week. We have invested in an electric guitar and set up for our youngest son so he can join the likes of Eric Clapton and his favorite, Carlos Santana. If you could see this child with his new guitar, you could understand. He was ecstatic and couldn’t wait this morning to bring the whole set up to his guitar teacher. I must say that the guys at Be Music in Rutland were fantastic and spent a good chunk of the afternoon both with just us and with us and Tim, getting him set up with just the right guitar for him. 

So now I am feeling even more old. The mother of a teenager and in possession of the child with an electric guitar and an amp. Thank heavens that their musical taste doesn’t quite yet wander into the music that I couldn’t bear to hear amplified through our entire house. But hey, a few years from now, it would be quite cool to say “Want to go and listen to our sons’ band playing” at some local club or other. Hey, you never know.

Today is a rainy Saturday and a good day to hang out and listen to music anyway. We are having some fun playing with some new toys and putting some new flame to the fire on the music front. Speaking of flames, it is also hard to believe that May 3rd we are sitting in the living room with the woodstove going, but then again it was snowing the other day. Vermont is full of all sorts of surprises.

CHICKEN UPDATE: Evidently the chickens don’t really mind the rain, as they have spent most of day outdoors. They are troopers.