How does one judge one’s self worth? What is the appropriate gauge? Is it one’s value as a parent and/or spouse? Is it one’s value to those that one comes in contact with each and every day? Or is it how one perceives his or herself?  My days can be so overwhelmingly full with work, family responsibilities, kids and housestuff that I feel exhausted and completely beside myself and then I can have a 5 minute conversation with someone else and feel completely as if I accomplish nothing in a given day. How can that be? How can I diminish what I accomplish each day because of a simple conversation with someone else? I used to think that I was a slacker because everyone around here did what I considered pretty extraordinary stuff that I never did to that extreme anyway. Grow your own food, can your food, preserve your food, bake your own food, sew, quilt, spin….the list goes on….. Now that I am residing here and doing some of those things, I still feel woefully inadequate. Some people have their entire summers planned out and I can barely figure out what I am doing tomorrow or next week. I really hate that feeling but it is my own issue that I have to deal with, figure out how to cram more into each day or figure out that my life is okay just the way it is with me…..somedays I feel like such a slacker.

CHICKEN UPDATE: We are now up to almost 6 eggs a day. Any egg recipes?

WHITE DOG UPDATE: She is in the mood for chicken so we have to watch her carefully.