Well, the city was a good trip, it was a long but fun day. Everyone is glad however to come back home. Nice to fall asleep last night to fresh air and wake to hear only the birds singing. It is funny, that we took the boys to the Planetarium and watched a really cool space show, but when it first got dark before the show began, and the planetarium filled with the night sky with stars, all I could think of and share with the boys is “this looks like right outside our door on a clear night” How absolutely great is that? To live in a place that you can see hundreds and hundreds of stars without any fancy equipment but merely by just standing on your porch and staring up at the night sky.

Reminds me of when Tom and I would go camping. Just sitting there in the silence with the person you want to be with most in the world, looking up at all those stars… Makes you feel very awed of it all and how small we really are in the great scheme of things.