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We are visiting in New Jersey for a few days. While it is nice to see old friends and family and catch up, I must be getting old because I really, really, really, really don’t like the amount of people crammed so darn close together and the million (really it does seem like that many) cars and rude people. Geez, I sound like my husband now…. People are driving like lunatics (did I really drive like that too?) and are quite literally rude as hell. I was in the supermarket to pick up a few snack things for the boys and the cashier said absolutely not a word to me, nor did she even make any effort to lift even a finger to help pack my bags even though I was doing it myself. What a difference a few hundred thousand less people make. You practically have to wrestle your groceries away from the grocery cashiers and baggers to pack bags yourself at home, plus as the boys and I just were discussing, you pretty much have to go out of your way NOT to have a conversation with a cashier or bagger or fellow line waiter because everyone is usually more than happy to discuss something with you.  Traveling from point A to point B really usually can be calculated in terms of miles per hour instead of idling per minute. 

Tomorrow we are headed to NYC for some sightseeing. Now, that should be interesting. At the very least it should be good people watching and another reason to high-tail it out of here on Friday night for the mountains we have come to call home.  I am truly amazed at how little I enjoy what I took so unquestionably as a way of life a short time ago. Rudeness, Incivility and the incessant traffic noise that bombarded every minute of everyday.

Okay, can we go home now?


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