What a week. Tom found one of the Black Cochin roosters dead in the corner of the coop Saturday morning. No apparent signs of distress, so this proves to be a mystery. We held the appropriate burial in as dry of ground as we could find during mud season. Yesterday was a good day, 62 degrees and outside in the yard in a mere sweatshirt. This morning, we awoke to snow covering the ground once again. It is in the low 30s and has been snowing most of the day. 

Today, we clipped all the chicken’s wings so that we could let them out. I really was a rather nervous about doing this since I figured for sure it would be an event and either us or the chickens would get injured. I am proud to say there were no casualties….human or poultry. It was in fact a very smooth event. I did the trimming while Tom held the bird and my oldest son held out the wing so we could properly identify the flying feathers which the chickens keep well hidden when the wing is closed. We will have to see if they are truly limited in their ability to fly now as we read that they would be. We purchased electric netting fence, but it was snowy, windy and too cold to get too far with it. And muddy, don’t forget the mud, the yard has been transformed to a gigantic mudhole with a river running through it. We clipped wings and opened the doors to the coop, no one was too interested in going outside, I guess chickens are smarter than we give them credit for since they had the common sense to stay inside while we were outside in the cold, wet windy weather.

We decided to go with the electric fence no so much to keep chickens in but to keep The White Dog and other predators out. Sure as anything, the White Dog was the first one there when the coop door was opened. Hmmmm…..did someone say chicken?

A good day for a hot bowl of pasta with some homemade bread……yummy if I do say so myself.