Just when I was really beginning to think someone around here has been playing games with us by leaving that one egg in the coop, the chickens laid 3 more. I mean, seriously one of them laid one egg the Monday 2 weeks ago and not one egg since then. But, happily, tomorrow we can have some fresh egg sandwiches which will be super cool. Now I guess that I have to get up early enough to bake the rolls that go along with them. We are one-third of the way now to our first dozen eggs with the original egg from last week.

Sunday was an excellent day. We drove up to a little town called Jericho to visit with a great lady named Maria who is the only registered owner of myotonic goats in the state of Vermont. And we, being in want of some of these goats were anxious to see them firsthand. Well, we arrived at 4footershomestead to find no Maria and a bunch of goats that were quite glad see us. Here are pictures of some of them.

They are soooo cute and act like dogs, heck dare I say, they act a whole lot nicer than The White Dog. We would be purchasing the kids when they are born in another month or so, if we decide to go through with this.

Look Ma, whatta face!

We just had a really nice day on Sunday, visiting at the farm 4footershomestead.com . Thanks again Maria for a great afternoon! Then we hit Williston for dinner and some brief shopping to pick up the new home theater system which is pretty awesome also.

A very nice mellow family oriented Sunday……with goats.