Chicken Update:  Well today Tom finished the roosts for the chickens and they were equipped with golf balls which is said to give them the idea to lay in the roosts. While we were in the coop however we got confirmation that Chickenzilla (the largest of the chickens by far and so named by our boys) is definitely and without question a rooster. A sad day since Chickenzilla is by far the most affectionate and friendly of all the chickens. Today while Tom was working on the roosts Chickenzilla was curiously watching him the whole time. We fear that two of the black cochins are also roosters since their coloration and size far outweigh the others of their type. One rooster maybe, three roosters, I don’t know. This is however in keeping with the statistics given by the hatchery. Even with sexed chicks, there is a 10% chance that they can be wrong. So out of 25 chicks, (2 died in route) that we would have 2.5 roosters. I don’t know what a .5 rooster looks like, do you? Today was a lazy day, a very nice family day. Tried a new recipe for taco potstickers which was either quite good or my kids were snowing me….speaking of snow, it has been on and off again flurries today. Winter is still exercising its grip on New England.