dscn1152.jpgTom will be home shortly. Home will be whole again. While I am used to him traveling (I don’t sleep well or hardly at all but I am used to that as well) the house is empty when he is not here. The boys are usually quite quiet (for boys) when he first leaves and then they slide into this slump out of which they slowly rise as the days to their father’s return closes in. I know that when he pulls into the driveway it will be a mad rush to see who can get out to him first and the dogs will be competing for their attention as well. Chaos ensues, but it is a good chaos. A chaos that means home is whole again… the way it is supposed to me. Speaking of home and home – wrecking, I am drawn into the media coverage of the NY governor’s resignation, but particularly all the media attention befallen his wife. Everyone speculates to two extremes — “how could she stand there next to that man” and “look at her standing there next to her husband showing solidarity”. How dare we even speculate on their relationship? The only ones even remotely qualified to “guess” at what is going on in that woman’s mind would be women who were in some regard similarly situated. None of us have walked in Mrs. Spitzer’s shoes, even those that were in similar situations. How many of us understand what she is doing and why she is doing it? Dare I say hardly any. I firmly believe in the old Indian saying “Do not criticize a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins”. There were a couple of articles which at least touched upon the sensitivity of situation. When you love someone and have loved them for many years, it is difficult to just “shut that down” especially when the person you love is being torn apart, in this case by the media. The woman and her family deserve a break….from the media.  CHICKEN UPDATE: SLACKING AWAY STILLWHITE DOG UPDATE: PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE, MASTER IS RETURNING THIS EVENING.