Okay, the white dog and I have come to some type of understanding. She has not gotten into the garbage all day today and I have not killed her. We are off to a good start for the remainder of the week. I do hate when Tom travels. The days and nights are much longer. The house is “empty” despite being full of activity with the 3 boys, 2 dogs and our houseguest. Although having GoGo around is always interesting and the boys absolutely adore him.

Still waiting for the slacker chickens to start laying eggs. The book said 4 months and their birthday (or hatch-day) was Sunday and still no eggs… they are bound to start laying soon, and we are anxiously waiting and checking everyday. While I cannot wait for them to start and have our own “farm fresh” eggs, I think it would be cool if they waited another week and started laying for Easter, especially the Easter Egg laying chickens. How cool would that be?  Plus, I would feel really badly if the chickens started laying while Tom was away, especially since it was his idea for the chickens and he has taken such a liking to them and vice versa. Me personally, I am waiting for my goats. Fainting goats. Although lately the idea of a little donkey is starting to rub off on me. Something similar to the white dog in affection but not quite as anxious to jump in my grave.  I am getting used to the idea of this farm type life and really into the fact of getting by on what we have here and what we can make, produce or grow. I can see how this can really take a hold of people and it becomes quite the challenge. I can smell the garden soil and am starting to dream about gardening and what to plant….must have been the rain and warm weather over the weekend.