AAAAHHHHH……All the week’s company have departed for their own little worlds including my husband (he is headed to Long Island for business for the next four days). Strange how when it is very crazy with a houseful of guests and in this case 9 (yes, I said 9) boys running around with four dogs  and 7 adults and you wish for 5 minutes of quiet time, how empty it is when everyone leaves. Careful what you wish for, eh? A little too quiet around here now, as my boys are moping  that their cousins, friends and dad have all left. The week was busy but 

it was fun, catching up with old friends as well as my sister and her family. 

We are supposed to be getting some real snowstorm snow on Tuesday into Wednesday which will be neat. While our first real winter as full timers here has definitely been snowy, it has also been icy with hardly a real storm to be found and no blizzard to speak of in sight. Hmmm…. while  I know I would be the one to be digging out, I can’t help but wish for a real, hunker down storm where no one goes no where…for a while at least.

When Tom is away and sleep for me is a precious commodity since I seem to never sleep well while he is gone,  there are always projects on my list….let’s see I have to stain the newly installed and constructed cabinet (pictures to follow) made by our dear friend and contractor for hire for any of you in the New York Metropolitan area looking for a good carpenter/handyman (information to follow when I dig out his card and website information)… I also want to surprise Tom by installing shelving in our master bedroom closet and perform such mundane and necessary tasks as defrosting the freezer.  I am sure that there are more……